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Why Make Us Your Go-to Choice for Quality Hair Extensions

From excellent hair extensions to effective hair growth treatments, and much more, Melessa's Weave Palace has been dedicated to providing exceptional service since it was founded back in 1992. We care about each of our clients and work diligently to help them achieve greater confidence and enjoy top-notch hair care at competitive prices. Available in Baltimore, MD, we remain the go-to choice for many loyal clients that enjoy our services.

Hair Replacement

Meet the Owner

Melessa Denee is the owner of Melessa's Weave Palace and a qualified styling artist with over 23 years of hands-on experience in the cosmetology industry. Her formal training began at Virginia State University where she studied Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. She started working in a prestigious salon in Delaware in 1988 and became a professionally licensed and award-winning beautician. She opened “Melessa’s Ultimate Hair Design” in Delaware in the 1990’s and “Melessa’s Weave Palace” in Baltimore in 2009.

Skill and Experience

Our extensive experience in the industry has allowed us to adapt and develop excellent non-surgical hair replacement techniques and establish best practices that continue to serve us quite well. We work with clients from all walks of life and know how to understand their needs and provide optimal solutions. We stay up-to-date with modern treatments, techniques, and trends to ensure contemporary service.

Posh Hair Care Collection

In addition to offering exceptional hair extensions, we have developed and released a Posh Hair Care collection that is designed to help clients of all ethnicities to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. The paraffin-free, organic, and sulfate-free product line is meant to aid in hair growth and minimize the effects of age on hair. We are happy to help educate our clients on the importance of quality hair care and using the correct products.

Schedule an appointment for professional non-surgical hair replacement and other excellent services and rely on Melessa's Weave Palace to fully meet your expectations. Let us know if you have any questions pertaining to our business and what we can do for our valued clients in Baltimore, MD. Reach out to us today at (410) 468-4247!