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Beautiful Custom Made Wigs for Any Occasion

We, at Melessa's Weave Palace, offer you beautifully made custom wigs of high-quality materials at very reasonable and affordable prices. Our specialist has been making wigs for over 25 years now, and this shows in the infallible outcome of her work. Stay on this page to find out more about our excellent wig making service.

Our hairdresser started making wigs originally for cancer patients in Baltimore, MD. Noticing that she has a lot of leftover hair from old installs and looks, she decided to teach herself how to turn these materials into custom-made wigs and extensions. Over the past two decades, our hairdresser has researched and learned from trial and error on her own custom creations.

Today, our custom made wigs are preferred by many people and for many different occasions. Wigs are a great investment and will last you years if you take care of properly. Our products are perfect for people who would like to stand out from the crowd or just coping with one of the terrifying illnesses nowadays – cancer.

The process of wig making takes up to a few days, maybe a week. It all depends on your preferences for materials, length, structure, and color. We have in stock a wide selection of products, so call us now and choose the ones that suit your taste and match your style. Whether you want a short blonde hairstyle or a straight, long ponytail, our wigs will be designed to match your highest expectations.

If you have some old bundles that you do not plan to reinstall or just want to get something specific, call Melessa's Weave Palace now and set up an appointment for a consultation. We are looking forward to seeing you in our local salon in Baltimore, MD. Get in touch with us at (410) 468-4247 now.

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